The Big Bend Revisited - 2009

In April 2009, I revisited the Big Bend. I spent just 2 nights there this time, as I was on a longer trip which was to take me over into Arizona. So after flying in to Dallas, and driving down the long Interstates, I made my way towards Sanderson, and from there to Marathon, and down into the Big Bend National Park.

I stayed, as I had done before, in the Mission Inn, an extension of the Big Bend Motor Inn, and ate in my favourite places, like La Kiva, and the Starlight. The days were full, and I took a lot of photos, but this time I was left with an overwhelming sense of the drought that has plagued this region for the last 10 years. Compared with my first visit in 1997, admittedly a month or so later in the year, this was a really dry desert place, and the plants were definitely suffering. Let us all pray for rain in enough quantity to revive the plant life and to bring back life to the Bend.

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