Day 7 (Click on photo to look at photos)


It was farewell to The Big Bend this morning. My week was just about up - it was time to pack up and get back to Midland, and then to Dallas for my flight home.
The morning drive up from Alpine was splendid - a very clear crisp morning, still some snow on the ground, but very little north of Alpine. Time for a last photo of the area - and the straight as a die road, a few more plants - and through the oil well lined roads that lead to Midland and Odessa. I'd had a great time, and wondered whether I'd ever be back again.

After a couple of weeks back home, I can now answer that question. Without doubt I'll come back. The area has imprinted itself on my mind - I've now seen it in spring and in autumn - almost winter in many ways. It's been very different on each occasion - and I now want to come back in earlier spring to sample yet another time of year. What would I do differently this next future time?

I would stay in or nearer to the Park. Alpine was a good base, and I enjoyed the driving. But to get the most time, and to see the Park at sunrise and sunset without difficulty, I would need to stay there. I'd ideally like to travel with a companion, or more, so that there would be two vehicles travelling - the Park is so huge, that if the back roads were passable, then I'd want to do more of them, and in case of problem a second vehicle would be a useful safeguard.

It's not everyone who would like this type of vacation - but for interest, scenery, atmosphere, light and shade, clear air and good exercise, - well it really can't be beaten.
I'll accept enrolments now!!